Contaminated Water Compensation Claims

Water is one of the most important parts of our life and having access to clean water is our fundamental right. However, a lot of diseases can crawl into the water through a number of different channels. The diseases are usually carried by pathogenic life forms including viruses and bacteria. The diseases that can be caused by them are both numerous and dangerous to health. This contamination can be caused through sources that include:

do not drink sign (red and black over white)

  • Improper treatment of sewage water;
  • Faeces of animals mixing in water sources;
  • Sub-standard filtration of water;
  • Contamination caused by leakage occurring in pipes; and
  • Mixing of poisonous chemicals in the supply water

Each type of contamination causes its own type of diseases to develop and depending on that, the resulting symptoms can be various. They can include severe discomfort in the abdominal area, diarrhoea, nausea, bloating in the stomach, aching in the muscles and fatigue, and in more serious cases, dehydration of the body, malfunctioning of respiratory system and even death.

The most commonly available and effective method of purifying water is boiling it. While it does kill off the bacteria and parasitic elements present in the water, it is ineffective against other impurities like poisonous chemicals. It is important to filter water properly before boiling it to remove any dirt and debris present in it. However, the contamination can not only impact you through drinking water. Possible contaminants may also be present in the water you use for bathing, doing your dishes or while making food. Therefore, if contamination is suspected in any water source, it is of high importance that you treat it properly before use.

In the case of being subjected to possibly contaminated water and being affected by it, you can file for a personal injury claim against it. However, to be able to fulfil that claim, you will need to find out who is ultimately responsible for the contamination of your water supply. Identifying who is responsible for the contamination is the key to ensuring you are compensated for such negligence and any personal injury or loss that may have been caused to you.

Having a good legal representation is of paramount importance to ensure that you are represented in the best way possible to secure the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Having a good legal practitioner looking after your interest in this regard can, therefore, be very beneficial.

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