Compensation for Loss of Water Supply

 take water in glass from water wetHaving smooth and uninterrupted flow of water to your house is your basic right. Providing you with water without any issues is the prime duty of your water supply company and if they do not adhere to the rules it can make you eligible for compensation. Ofwat, the industry regulator has set out the rules and regulations that all water companies must follow to ensure high standard service being provided to all people. To be able to understand the kind of compensation that you may be entitled to, read through the following and see if any of the cases mentioned here apply to you.
The Ofwat has set out the guaranteed standards scheme, a set of regulations that ensure that every water company provides a high standard service to its customers. If your water company is not meeting these standards then you are eligible for compensation. The rules included in this scheme are as follows:
Appointments: This is the most basic part of providing water supply to customers. There is always a chance that a customer will run into a problem regarding their supply and try to contact the water company for a solution. Whenever such a situation arises, the water supply company is supposed to make an appointment with the customer and send their support staff to fix the problem. If the company doesn’t fulfill the time slot it has provided, you will be entitled to a compensation of £20. The company is also liable to make this payment within 10 business days from the time they missed the slot. In case this payment is not made, you can also claim an additional £10 within if a claim is made within 3 months. The compensation is also due in case the company cancels an appointment with a notice period of less than 24 hours.
Maintaining water pressure: The standard amount of pressure that water supply companies need to maintain in their lines is 7 metres static head minimum. If the pressure falls below this level for more than one hour and this occurs at least two times during a 28-day time period, you will be entitled to a £25 compensation. This can be provided in the form of payment or credited to your account. In case the company is unable to recognise the drop, you should file the claim yourself within three months period to get compensation. No compensation will be provided during a period of drought or if the supply is hindered due to industrial action or other factors outside the control of the company.
Queries regarding account: The water supply company is also supposed to answer any queries that you submit regarding your account within 10 business days. If you want to use an alternative payment method and the company disagrees, it is supposed to inform you within 5 business days. Not adhering to these conditions will make the company liable to pay you £20. If the payment does not arrive within 10 business days, you can claim an additional £10 within three months. The payment will not be due in case you decide to withdraw your query, send a query to the wrong address or make a query that is not serious enough or justifiable for a response.
During a drought situation, you are entitled to the water supply for basic necessities which include washing cooking, drinking and flushing toilets. If your water supply company does not provide you with a proper supply of water for these essentials during drought, you will be entitled to the compensation.
Knowing your rights is very important and getting fully compensated is in itself a part of your rights. If you are having difficulty in understanding the processes involved with claiming compensation then we can help.