How Much Compensation for Death and Funeral Costs in the UK

 old senior couple in love holding handsOur lives are the most precious belonging that we have and the lives of our loved ones are no less in terms of importance. Losing someone you love and are close to is an unbearable pain and if they die because of an accident or wrongful reason, the pain may seem more intense and you may be angry or upset at the reason that caused their death. If a close relative dies due to the negligence of another you may be entitled to some form of compensation. According to the law, only three types of claimants exist in case’s of accident and wrongful death and they are the family of the deceased person, his or her dependents and the state of that person. While the case of the first two is fairly obvious, the third one can be quite complicated to handle.

No matter which category you may fall into, it is extremely important that you are aware of what the system states regarding compensations in the case of wrongful death and the process on how it should be claimed. Given the complexity and magnitude of the matter, it is highly advised that you use an experienced and highly knowledge based law firm like that is well equipped to ensure that you are getting everything that you are entitled and that the case reaches its maximum potential. The very first thing that you should know is the actual legal meaning of “fatal accident” and “wrongful death”.

Fatal accident: This is when the death of a person occurred due to the actions of a third party. However, while the deceased is not at fault in this case, it may not always mean that a third party is. Examples of this include traffic accidents, deaths at workplace where deceased is not at fault and any death that happens due to criminal activities.

Wrongful death: In the case of wrongful death, the fault is entirely accounted to the third party with clear evidence. Examples of wrongful death can be the death caused due to the use of sub-standard equipment at work or medical negligence.

There are four types of compensations that can be claimed against a fatal accident or wrongful death and they include the following:

General damages: This area covers loss of income for a family, any suffering or pain caused from the loss of loved ones and any impact that the loss may have on the future life of the claimant.
Punitive damages: These are the damages that are imposed upon the responsible party in the form of penalty by the law for committing the act.

Medical expenses: This includes any medical expenses that occurred before the death of the person or medical expenses of family members related directly to the deceased.

Funeral costs: This is the total cost of the process involved with the cremation or burying of the deceased.
Depending on the type of damage being claimed for, the amount of compensation received can range from as little as £1,000 to £500,000. However, defining an exact amount for any case prior to research is simply impossible. The law does provide a range for each type of compensation but it can still be subject to special treatment depending on the case.

Our highly experienced and dedicated team of lawyers ensures that each and every case they take up is given full attention. We perform detailed research to ensure that you receive every single penny that you are entitled to in terms of compensation. While losing someone close is in itself a terrible thing to suffer, we ensure that we provide a service that ensures all the necessary work is covered by us so that you are left to grieve.