Privacy Policy

Protecting and showing utmost respect to your privacy is our prime concern and we take all the necessary steps to ensure that it is kept secure. We pay special attention to protecting your private data and continuously strive to ensure that it remains protected while you are browsing our website. This privacy policy document is a declaration of our commitment to protect your data and ensure that your personal information does not get disclosed to any unauthorised person. Please read ahead to find out how we collect and utilise your data and how we protect it from unwanted access.

Information that we collect

It is a fairly common practice for websites to track the website that you came from to our website and also the websites that you decide to visit from our website. Furthermore, the website also tracks the browser that you are using and the search strings that you use in the website. The purpose of doing so is completely internal to the operation of the website. This information is utilised to monitor the activity on the website, the type of activity visitors have and any other analytics that could be gathered regarding website access. The purpose of this is to get information regarding the activity on the website in general and is used purely to improve the user experience. The data collection is also kept restricted as to make sure that the individuals visiting the website are not identified in any way.

“Contact Us” Data

We are collecting a range of data types from you when you decide to use the “Contact Us” option on our website. This may include your name, address, job title, email, phone number, date of birth, company name and details, your national insurance number and any other information that may be relevant to your inquiry. The data collected here is kept strictly protected and is not shared with any external and unauthorised personnel.

Using the information we collect

The information that we may collect from you in our website can be utilised for a number of different purposes. This includes sharing promotional material, managing our relationship with you, improving our service and ensuring that the highest quality standards are met, recruitment and selection process, and using the information to improve the overall website experience for all our users without identifying any individuals.

Information disclosure

There may be some occasions where we would be required to disclose your information to third parties without your consent. This mainly includes helping the police in the investigation of any crime or to help the court with the proceedings of any case that is tied to the misuse of our website. The information may also be disclosed to our auditing firm for the purpose of performing information audit. In all cases of information disclosure, we will ensure that all involved parties strictly abide by our requirements to keep your information confidential and not share it with any unauthorised personnel.

We keep our privacy policy under constant review to ensure it meets all the industry standards. If you find any inaccuracies or are unsure about anything mentioned above, feel free to contact us any time.