Water Supply Interruption Claims

Tap with water drop.

Tap with water drop.

No matter what company is providing you with water in your home, you are entitled to free flowing and non-stop water supply. However, in certain cases there may be a chance that you are not able to receive water due to a fault in the supply. This may be due to a leakage, bursting of pipes or a number of other reasons. In such a case, there may be a chance that you are entitled to a compensation against the stoppage in the supply of water to your home. Read on to find out how and when you may be entitled to claim compensation for water supply interruptions.

The maximum time that a company can halt the supply of water for repairs is four hours. If there is a possibility of the supply being stopped for more than that time, the company responsible for supplying you with water is obligated to give you a 48-hour notice period. If this rule is not complied with by the water company, you are entitled to a compensation of £20. The company is also liable to pay you this amount if the supply is not restored within the time that has been provided by the supplier for maintenance. Furthermore, if the compensation that is owed to you does not arrive within a time period of 20 business days, the entitlement goes up to £40.

While this could be any typical water outage, there are some scenarios where an emergency can also occur like the bursting of a supply line. If such a scenario occurs, it is the duty of the water company to ensure that the water supply is restored to the consumers within a period of 12 hours once they have become aware of the problem. However, this is only for normal water mains. In the case of major strategic lines, the company is obligated to restore the supply of water within a period of 48-hours.

There are a number of steps that the supply company is obligated to take in the case of any emergency situation. This includes providing the consumers with information about a number of different important factors which are as follows:

  • Informing where you can obtain substitutional water supply from;
  • The timeline regarding the restoration of the main water supply; and
  • A contact line that you can call to obtain further information regarding the emergency

In case the supply is not restored by the supplier within the specified amount of time, you are entitled to a compensation of £20 by the company. This is payable after the passing of the first 24-hours after the designated restoration time provided by the supplier. For any additional delay, the company is to provide you an additional £10 for every 24-hour period that passes by afterwards.

The payment is due to you immediately and has to be paid by the water supply company within 20 business days. If the compensation is not provided within this time, the supplier is to provide you with an additional payment of £20.

The company is also supposed to provide you with alternative water supply options like bottled water or supply water through bowsers. If you are someone who is in need of constant water supply due to medical requirements, it is extremely important that you tell your supplier in advance. Most suppliers keep record of people with special needs and therefore make special arrangements for them in case of emergencies.

There may also be some cases where you may not be entitled to any compensation from the interruption in water supply e.g. bad weather conditions or strikes by employees of water supply companies. Staying fully informed is the key to ensuring that you always receive the compensation you are entitled to.