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  • Nature Precedings (2046)

    Nature Precedings is a place for researchers to share pre-publication research, unpublished manuscripts, presentations, posters, white papers, technical papers, supplementary findings, and other scientific documents. Submissions are screened by our professional curation team for relevance and quality, but are not subjected to peer review. They welcome high-quality contributions from biology, medicine (except clinical trials), chemistry and the earth sciences. (6/21/2007)

  • Earth Portal (1462)

    The Earth Portal is a comprehensive resource for timely, objective, science-based information about the environment. It is a means for the global scientific community to come together to produce the first free, expert-driven, massively scaleable information resource on the environment, and to engage civil society in a public dialogue on the role of environmental issues in human affairs. It contains no commercial advertising and reaches a large global audience. The Earth Portal has three components: 1. The Encyclopedia of Earth, with over 2,000 articles, is produced and reviewed by 700 scholars from 46 countries. 2. The EarthForum provides commentary from scholars and discussions with the general public. 3. The EarthNews offers news stories on environmental issues drawn from many sources. Supported by the Environmental Information Coalition and the National Council for Science and the Environment. (4/27/2007)

  • Freshwater Biology (964)

    The Journal publishes papers on all aspects of the ecology of lakes and rivers, including studies of micro-organisms, algae, macrophytes, invertebrates, fish and other vertebrates, as well as those concerning whole systems and related physical and chemical aspects of the environment. (7/4/2002)

  • Journal of Phycology (907)

    The Journal is a leading international journal and publishes research covering all aspects of basic and applied research on algae. It provides a common medium for the ecologist, physiologist, cell biologist, molecular biologist, morphologist, oceanographer, taxonomist, geneticist, and biochemist. (1/12/2001)

  • Aquatic Conservation - Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems (1036)

    An international journal dedicated to publishing original papers that relate specifically to freshwater, brackish or marine habitats and encouraging work that spans these ecosystems. Abstracts available online. (8/1/2000)

  • Regulated Rivers, Research and Management (934)

    An international journal devoted to river research and management. Abstracts available online. (8/1/2000)

  • Rivers (985)

    RIVERS is a peer reviewed, scholar journal focusing on the science, law, environmental policy, and law of instream flow. (11/7/1999)

  • Conservation Ecology (764)

    A publication of the Ecological Society of America. Conservation Ecology may be faster from outside North America through the sites that mirror the journal in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, and South Africa. (1/23/1999)

  • Limnology and Oceanography (764)

    Information on L&O, including Tables of Contents, and a searchable on-line database. (10/1/1998)

  • Water Beetle World (2173)

    Newsletter for world-wide water beetle workers, water beetle bibliography (over 7000 citations), including the current NABS Coleoptera bibliography, as well as many links to invertebrate and ecological sites. (10/1/1998)

  • Environmental News Network (741)

    ENN Daily News is a subscription-based headline news package. Each day our staff of journalists and scientists - in association with Reuters, Knight-Ridder/Tribune, Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Business Wire, and U.S. Newswire - covers 30 of the hottest environmental news stories from around the world. ENN Daily News is also delivered via email to individuals and intranets. (10/1/1998)

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